I’ve been busy! I finished a (verrrry rough) first draft of a short story. Right now it’s called Meat but I’m thinking about changing that. We’ll see what happens. It was fun to write and research. I learned how to field dress dead animals. Gross, right? Thanks, Myron and YouTube…I think?! I’m not going to say what Meat is about just yet because I’m going to be posting it here (!) once it’s finished, probably somewhere around January or February. I will say that it was inspired by a strange fantasy I used to (still?) entertain from high school. It involves dead stuff and gore, obviously, because I’m into that sort of thing.
What’s new? It’s November, so I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month. What am I writing? Well, you know that book I’ve been telling you about, Bloodlife? Well, *heavy sigh* I’m re-writing it AGAIN/some more with a new outline. I’m keeping the first two chapters and a few scenes, but the rest is going away. It’s super painful. I keep waking up in the middle of the night thinking, OH NO! That scene I really loved where ___ does ____ isn’t going to work anymore. But then I remember it’s going to be okay, there will be new scenes. Better scenes! I just need to get them out.
I’m hoping to have this new (and exciting!) first draft done by the end of the month, so if you’ve been texting/calling/emailing me, sorry! See you next month, though, I’ll probably continue my antisocial antics as next month I’ll be editing Meat, which should only take a few weeks, and working on a NEW book that’s full of gods, and deceit, and destruction! YES!
So, happy November, happy Tofurky day, and if you’re a writer too, I say let’s get freakin’ writing!
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